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Delicious plant-based dinner, lunch and ferment recipes
 Ignite your health, support your gut microbiome and boost your immune system.
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No matter if you are new to a plant-based diet or have been eating plant-based for many years, Let’s EAT 'Light & Easy' is your one-stop cooking class resource for easy dinners, lunches and YES basic ferments. All giving your body a massive dose of living minerals and supplements in an easy and light way.
Whether you are Plant Eater, a Non-Plant Eater or a Future Plant Eater this class is for EVERYBODY! 
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One of the greatest journeys you can embark on is the journey to find your happy place in the kitchen when it comes to your mind, health of your 78 organs,  your body and spirit. 

The place where the foods you eat make you feel nourished, and are light and easy to make. BOOM this is your class. Your master class that has lifetime access.  

I  support you in buying the right ingredients in this class that are more readily available for you. Making the plant-based journey more accessible and meaningful for those just starting out. Or for those that can't wait for new recipes. Are all designed with your internal health in mind.

The meals in this class don't take up so much of your time, the flavours in each dish will be mind blowing and they give you energy. Then there is the connection to the food. You will feel an ultimate sense of wellbeing eating these dishes and life in the kitchen suddenly becomes a EPIC joyful time.

For anyone who has grown up in a meat-eating family, the idea of going plant-based can be daunting to say the least. And can create an overwhelming and negative vibe in the house with the rest of the family that are fussy or simply happy where they are.

While being absolutely aware of having your back in each recipe as I am showing you how to use affordable ingredients all for you to simplify your day to day cooking techniques and skills as your confidence in the kitchen and cooking will make taking your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle easier! 

Gut health. Is vital. It's clear we need to pay attention to what we choose to be on the end of our forks. In this class your gut health is top priority. Once the gut is damaged, allowing toxins and pesticides from our food to pass through, the immune system kicks into overdrive to protect us and remove the harmful substances. Hello gluten intolerance, food allergies, hypersensitivities and eventually chronic lifestyle disease as the immune system is constantly overwhelmed and unable to do the job it was designed to do. NO MORE

Every recipe in this class is all gluten-free, plant-based. To make it more gut friendly you will learn the art of basic fermentation. Taking simple ingredients and turning them into a non expensive pro and prebiotic that becomes apart of your new inner health contract. And they are so damn tasty.

Every dish has an incredible amount of flavour. And your partner will be shocked to feel how excellent he or she feels after eating your easy creations.

The joys of  extending your knowledge with plant-based cooking is now easy and light on the waist line. 
Every  filmed recipe has a story that now becomes a part of your weekly meal planning. The taste of Asian dishes or Curries you start to make, giving you the same experience taste wise and so much more health wise! You’re in for a real treat. 
You will feel like you are winning with cooking and eating this way.

I have done all the hours of testing these recipes using simple affordable ingredients. As i know too well the links between eating more high fibre foods that come in nature, in turn, you become absolutely more health-conscious and that improves your gut health
What others are saying

(Gluten Free At Home - Class)
I love watching you Cynthia, I love your recipes, and I am so encouraged by your conversation... we share the same heart in so many ways... I need so much in my kitchen. I need knives, and pans, and jars for all my spices, and spoons and spatulas .... and everything... do you have a recommendation list of things and brands that you love... to start the perfectly stocked kitchen for cooks dream come true...? I hope to meet you some day ... until then... I will watch everything you take the time to share with us... God Bless you . :)
- Lisa
(Gluten Free At Home - Class)
I am an American. We have tons and tons of chef shows available for us to watch. Until now, I would say, Jamie Oliver is probably the one chef who is not only knowledgeable but also has such an amazing passion for cooking. I now add you to that list. 
I do have considerable gluten issues but I still continue to eat gluten from time to time. I am not a vegan or vegetarian (although I am working towards it more and more) but I will be trying all of your recipes. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching all of your segments and I look forward to what you have to offer in the future! You're awesome!
- Angela
United States of America
(Gluten Free At Home - Class)
This was so good! I couldn't eat it all myself so I took some to the office. I had quite a bit of the inside left, so I warmed it up and ate it as spinach dip with crackers! I really miss spinach dip! Guess this will be my new recipe.
- Linda
Lets EAT 'Light and Easy' Recipes are designed to guide you in making healthier, more mindful life choices. 
You will receive all the tools in this class to guide you in creating dinners, lunches and ferments.  
Each recipe elevates your health to the next level as you cook and eat your way to rest, renew, rebalance. You’ll receive a solid foundation as you dance our way through each class showing you that you can totally do this too and we journey together into understanding cooking better, understanding nature and its life-giving natural supplements.
As we play with all the ferments you will be humbly surprised to how much value they start to bring to your breakfast lunch or dinner plate. Your body is going to eat this up. Trust me.  
The unwanted weight you are carrying will go away when you amp up the plants and ferments in your day to day meals...

The entire class is gluten-free, plant-based and the art of fermentation designed with as much flavour as possible.

Each recipe gets you into a confident and skilful cook. While you start to become willing you are suddenly becoming upskilled then you ever thought.

We are all taught how to eat..now its time to be taught how to cook” life becomes your new inner health contract.

Transform your health and live a sustainable lifestyle Not only will you gain more energy and become healthier, it will also lead you to a positive mental outlook on life.
These high fibre plant-based meals will give you a wonderful helping hand in your ktichen as you come home from work and start to put together recipes that ignite your taste buds, your health, support your gut health and boost your immune system.

These recipes are going to upskill you into understanding your home kitchen and eating patterns. 
They will help you shift that weight, create a glow and you will feel in control of what goes into your body 'temple' as you build your real food value system.
I MAKE IT EASY. In each class, there is a recipe, filmed with me giving you the knowledge, confidence, encouragement and happiness to be able to cook like this. 

I tested these recipes with my friends and studio crew and I and guarantee they are for the whole family.
Think of it this way, you want to get healthier, drop a few dress/jean sizes? Dam right and not having it affect the rest of the household meal times.

You start to feel adventurous in this class as we play with ingredients that can be intimidating, and interesting. Like how to make recipes using Jackfruit. How to cook and cut down a jackfruit and turn it into a healthy meaty texture

Eating plants is not a trend or a sacrifice, it’s clear that the body thrives when eating real whole food plant-based dishes that ultimately honour your body, mind and soul while naturally giving you the energy and lightness you have thrived for.
What to expect inside your cooking class with me.
  • ​Throughout this class learn how to incorporate herbs and spices into different dishes, like Indian, Moroccan, and Asian. 
  • ​I show you how to swap out pour quality sauces.
  • ​You will be blown away with the healthier alternatives that become an everyday staple as you build your wholefoods kitchen. 
  • ​Then along came the ferments. We -you and me, go through the art of fermentation from my kitchen to yours experiencing a deeper understanding of how simple vegetables, salt, spices and water can turn into a living bacteria called a probiotic over time.
  • Financially friendly on the wallet, as you learn the art of fermentation; coconut yogurt, cultured nut tree cheese, sauerkraut, kimchi and making it from scratch that’s filled with incredible nutrition as the natural occurring per and probiotics become living bacteria that become your new inner health contract as each fermented recipe makes up flavours that distinguish a ferment turning that into a real food probiotics.
  • ​No more buying shitty salt or low salt packet stocks. You will be doing a happy dance In your kitchen as you see how incredibly easy it is to make a simple stock. And then turned into a healthy base for asia broth or a soup to the next level. Freezer friendly and packed nutrients.
  • ​All those years of buying expensive Gluten_Free breads? Or making other recipes that are painfully hard and taste like cardboard?. (I have had a few of them in my day.) NO MORE..There is an art to gluten-free baking and we nail it in the class using a mix of gluten-free flours that are simple, affordable and easy to store. 
  • ​So many times over the years you see on instagram or FB someone posting a “BBQ pulled jackfruit taco. Thoughts go to “that jackfruit can be super intimidating”. I got your back here. I take you through the process of cutting down your own jackfruit or buying an already packet jackfruit and then turning it into those flavours of “BBQ pulled jackfruit”. You will be blown away that you can do this and it's easy.
  • ​Buying expensive seeds for that crunch? You will learn how to dry roast seeds in a pan. Seriously I have taught my NON cook friends how to do this and they are nailing it everytime. Their salads are pimped with a healthy crunch.
  • ​How to toast whole spices and get the best flavour out of them.I hold your hand as I guide you from my kitchen to yours every step of the way as you begin to feel super comfortable in your own kitchen space doing what you thought you could never do and now you’re doing it.
  • ​Dinner, covered!! Each recipe takes your taste buds on a culinary journey. Light and easy with so much flavour. You will find the ingredients in your local supermarket or local farmer’s market and there are NO expensive superfoods in this class. 
  • ​You will receive all the tools you need as you begin to adopt a plant-based diet. See your life shift as you get an active & creative with plant-based cooking while you become a better version of yourself!
  • ​If you're already on your way with eating a plant-based gluten free diet these recipes will blow your mind, upskill you and your taste buds.
“Just so grateful I found you - absolutely EVERYTHING I make from your cooking classes is a hit - 
even meat-eating husband love them!! Love, love, love your classes -
 you’re truly amazing and such and inspiration - thank you!”
 ~ Carmel
Bonuses... yes there's more..
  • Access to 29 free videos on tips and tricks in the kitchen
  • The unwanted weight you are carrying will go away when you amp up the plants and ferments in your day to day meals.
  • e.g. amounts of energy and joy for your personal healthcare.
  • Your now in my Private FB group (I show up and answer any of your questions + ups and downs in your journey of life and cooking)
from her kitchen to yours... globally :)
I offer 100% satisfaction guarantee  

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The Community
You will get access to Cynthia's Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get updates and share food experiences.

Get your recipe questions answered!  Each recipe in the cooking class has you in direct contact with Chef Cynthia to ask questions about each recipe so you can feel confidant in creating and mastering each dish. 
​"​Your classes are amazing! I would not want to live without them now.
 You are fabulous, such a beautiful soul. Your recipes make me feel alive and bouncy! xx​"​

How do I receive access to the Online Cooking  Classes?
The Online Cooking Classes are in a password protected Membership site. After your purchase you will receive an email with your login in details and password and a link the to membership site where all the video recipes are held

Is cooking with Wholefood expensive?
No, and it's definitely not as expensive as going to the hospital or being on medication for the rest of your life... Good quality Organic ( where possible ) wholefood is part of my health insurance.
Are the Online Cooking Classes accessible for life?
Yes, you have lifetime access to all the Online Cooking Classes you purchase.

Are Chef Cynthia's recipes all Dairy and Animal free?
Yes, Chef Cynthia's cooking is all dairy free, Animal flesh free, refined sugar free, Some recipes with eggs and honey - so these are not all exclusive vegan recipes. There are easily modifiable for vegans.
Chef Cynthia Louise is a project of the Lets Eat Foundation.